THE JOHN DAVIES PROBLEM ” Royal Oak Michigan Hangover ” CD


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How would you describe The John Davies Problem? It’s a one man juggernaut bringing hilariously politically-incorrect drinking songs for the common American working man.

Check out the tunes :

  1. You’re a Filthy Dick-Sucking Whore
  2. I Wanna Fuck The Shit Outta Here
  3. The Drip
  4. Hey Chubby Girl
  5. You Gotta Know Who Your Friends Are
  6. Fat Chicks & Weed
  7. Wine and Vicodin
  8. The Finger-Bangin’ Cheerleader Stomp
  9. Shut Up, You Big-Nosed Cunt
  10. Mike The Cat
  11. What Does It Take For A Guy To Get A Drink Around Here?
  12. Drinkin’ and Thinkin’
  13. Party God

It’s the perfect CD for an imperfect and stupid world….get some!

$10.00 with FREE shipping.