BEAVER SHOOT ” Rap Music Sucks ” CD


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Remember when music was still dangerous, exciting, and fun? Yep, me too. I have my own porno rap band called BEAVER SHOOT and it’s the most UN-woke shit you’ll ever hear in your life…or at least in these gay modern times.

The album is called ” Rap Music Sucks ” and it’s got 11 songs about pussy, booze, old men, burgers, violence, male feminists, why women should cook and clean, and more. Every song is FIRE and here’s the list :

  1. Kill That Pussy
  2. Liquor, Guns, Bacon, and Tits ( LGBT )
  3. Dirty Old Man
  4. I Like Beer, Boobs, and Burgers
  5. I’m Gonna Cum on your Tits
  6. Fight & Fuck & Drink & Puke
  7. Male Feminist
  8. That’s a Woman’s Job
  9. I Wanna Bang Your Sister
  10. The Dick of Death
  11. That’s Just The Kinda Guys We Are

Compact Disc $11.00 with FREE shipping.

Watch the video for ” Kill That Pussy ” and get yerself a taste.